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The Unremarkable Life of a Vivid Dreamer

Layout 20/20:

Credit for this beauty goes to Poo. Very nice layout, good use of space (not sure why that sentence just made me think of Batman with Michael Keaton, when they all talk about Vikki's apartment having lots of space). The picture is interesting, feet walking with the words 'someone. maybe' written underneath it. Faded script in the background, all on easy colors.

I babble a lot don't I?

There's also a link for design help to Fallingstar. Self-reminder, go back to that site, nice background!

Another reminder to self: this is a nasty review site. Yeah, whatever.

Archive page has the same colors, but no picture. I almost miss it, usually the archive page always has the picture. The other odd thing about the older page is it doesn't have the links. Usually all the links found on the main template are also found on archive pages. But not this one. Archive page is strictly that: archives.

Guestbook looks good, colors match fairly well.

Links/Organization 10/10:

Organized template, entry to the left, links to the right. Archive page nice and neat. Just a suggestion: On your archive page, add a link to your older.html page. Since you don't have a present link there, there's no way to hit May without hopping into an entry and then archives again.

Contact 5/5:

Email, Guestbook, Notes. Aol and yahoo on profile.

Errors 10/10:

None that I saw.

Updates 5/5:

You have a few skips in the past, but no big deal to me. You've kept this up since December, that's good enough for me.

Content 30/30:

I would recommend your bio page to anyone who reads your diary. It was a great way to get things started, having a little bit of background.

I enjoyed reading this entry. I've been there with my friends, telling me I am an adult now and should go out during the week. They just don't understand that sleep comes first! So if you're a loser, so am I. This one was all too familiar as well. I've done that a few times! The updated entry on this page got me too. I swear we're related somewhere. This one, about Ebay, been there too.

I think I enjoyed your diary too much. You write a lot like I do, maybe that's why I liked it. You write a daylog, but throw in enough emotion/humor to make it a good read. We've had similar experiences, so that helped too. Most diaries I review are teens, so the adult reads are always a pleasure, thank you!

Bonus 10/10:

Bio, cast, favorites explained, quizzes, rings, open pages. Pieces of me page (top 70 things...), review page, you have plenty of extras.

Will I Return? 10/10:

As soon as this review is up, you are going on my favorites list. Thank you for having a V name! (I alphabetize my profile, pathetic I know).

Total Score: 100/100

Additional Comments/Questions :

My first review, and already I'm making the owner work. Anyone scoring 100 goes on the template, and you my dear have scored 100. First on this site! I would recommend this diary to anyone and everyone, a great read.

I promise to be nasty next time!

So says Lioness.