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Mundus Vult Decipi

Layout 19/20:

Evilgnome Design. Font is good, picture is good, colors are good, links are good. It's all good. Older page matches, guestbook could use a small color adjustment.

Links/Organization 8/10:

Main links with the picture, review links below the entry. Previous and next below the entry would be nice.

Contact 3/5:

Email, guestbook. AOL/MSN on profile.

Errors 10/10:

Stupid server errors, but those aren't your fault.

Updates 5/5:

Skips, multiples since April.

Content 30/30:

Your entries are a good read. Nothing bored me. That's good. I think if more people wrote like you do, my job would be more pleasant. There's no need to link to anything, the whole diary is a good read. Keep it up.

Bonus 0/10:

You don't really have have anything for bonus points.

Will I Return? 8/10:

I think I will.

Total Score: 93/100, worthy enough to be in The Amazing.

Additional Comments/Questions :

You had an 83, adding in 10 Bitch points to cover the bonus section.

So says The Bitch.